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Experience the Thrill of Stallion Incentive

The Stallion Incentive Fee of $1000 is due by July 31st each year.


After July 31st, the fee will increase to $1,200.

The lifeblood of the CMSA Futurity is the Stallion Incentive Program. The Stallion Incentive Program is the biggest sponsor of this Program. There is a specific purpose behind the CMSA Futurity Program: the promotion of breeders and trainers in our sport. Entering the 7th year of the CMSA Futurity Program, we see people breeding their mares to stallions, buying young prospects, and sending those prospects to trainers with an eye on winning a piece of the big purse. Our Stallion Incentive program is designed to incentivize stallion owners and breeders to invest in the Futurity, with 100% of their investment going back to the payout for the winning offspring of the enrolled stallions. That investment will bring customers to breed their stallions and/or purchase prospects from the breeders. If you, as breeders and trainers, are reaping the rewards of this program, we encourage you to sponsor the program. ​ A minimum of 20% of the Stallion Incentive Program will be added to the final purse for the offspring of the participating stallions and placed in the futurity in the first five spots. We will pay the top three places: 50% for 1st place, 30% for 2nd place, and 20% for 3rd place.   The Stallion Incentive Program purse will pay 100% to the winning offspring of the stallions that are enrolled in and have paid into the Stallion Incentive Program that year, between the Open and the Non-Pro classes.  The stallions that are enrolled in the Stallion Incentive Program will get 10% of the purse that their offspring win in the CMSA Futurity (for example, if a horse wins $5000 in the Futurity, whoever enrolled the stallion will receive a $500 check). The Stallion Incentive Fee of $1000 is due by July 31st each year. After July 31st, the fee will increase to $1,200.

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