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2023 CMSA Derby OPEN Champion

Updated: Jan 8

Zane Chunn &  LoveTheLifeYouLive

Why were you successful in the 2023 Derby?

My success in winning the 2023 Derby is owed to Amy Schimke and Brett Borkowski for letting me compete on their fabulous horse, LoveTheLifeYouLive, aka Fidget. The name is unbelievably fitting because I certainly do just that daily- I love my life! Having such a well-trained horse made it a breeze to win! Amy and Brett have done a phenomenal job seasoning Fidget, which made my job considerably easier. Competing in a mounted shooting event I had never been in before this year was fun, and I hope to be a part of it again in the future!

What advice would you give to future competitors?

My advice to future Derby and Futurity competitors is to focus on the foundation and training of your horse outside of mounted shooting. It is much easier to win on a well-trained horse (as in my case this year), so do whatever it takes to achieve this result. A misconception I often see in mounted shooting is people thinking, “The more I shoot on my horse, the better it will get at mounted shooting.” This could not be farther from the truth! A horse that is not well broken will not become more broken by shooting more patterns or competing. If you are unsure how or unable to do so, consult a professional trainer. Learning is critical and one of the most significant advantages we all can use to our benefit. Look at things from as many perspectives and thought processes as possible and choose what is best for you and your horse. There are a million ways to win at mounted shooting, and you must find the way that suits you. Life is short and we want to hurry sometimes, but many of the greatest destinations are found by taking the slow lane.

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